The Directors are delighted with the performance of the Third Augusta Syndicate, the first German closed end fund in the series to exit.   With a 48% increase in share value, it has outperformed many other investments in the marketplace over the last five years.

Purchased in November 2005, both the assets of Third Augusta Syndicate, 5-7  and 9-10 Schöntrasse, have performed very well over the last five years.  Located directly opposite the Park-Klinik Weissensee, one of Berlin’s main private hospitals, this two-building medical centre has witnessed high demand for medical suites and traffic to its retail units (including pharmacy, café and beauty salon) has been high. 

The development of 9-10 Schönstrasse together with sustained tenant management in both properties has combined to produce the excellent share value results for the Third Augusta Syndicate.

The DeutschInvest Fund, the new fund under management by APS (Augusta Property Services), has made an independent offer to purchase the assets of the Third Augusta Syndicate.  APS Augusta Property Services is in the process of managing this sale to facilitate the exit of the investors from the Third Augusta Syndicate.