Income-producing and capital growth investments

Augusta is a leading asset management firm with a track record of positively-performing investments. We deliver to the market tangible asset-backed investment funds which adhere to the principle of sustainability. We achieve results through active, professional and prudent management.

The DeutschInvest Fund

Augusta has been appointed fund manager of the DeutschInvest Fund, an open-ended fund targeting annual investor repayments of 5%, plus capital growth. This German commercial property fund offers liquidity subject to a notice period and loyalty bonuses after 3 and 5 years.

As an unregulated Fund, it is offered strictly on a private placement basis and access to the DeutschInvest Fund is limited. To be eligible to receive further fund information, interested clients must first register with Augusta, by completing the registration form.



Closed-end Investment Funds

Augusta has built an enviable track record in closed-end fund management, investing in German commercial real estate. Our funds, typically 5-7 years in duration, target capital growth and tax-efficient investor payments. Augusta actively manages portfolio assets and our cost-efficient asset purchase strategies consistently deliver both capital appreciation of the properties and underlying unit value. The stable, comparatively high-yielding German commercial asset market is ideal for sustainable investment. German commercial real estate is ideally suited for generating income surpluses from which regular investor returns between 4.5% and 6% per annum can be made.

Our closed-end funds vary in investment strategy and risk profile, from the secure to the more aggressive, but all subject to rigorous risk management and prudent asset selection.If you plan to invest in the sustainable German market and would like information on our currently available closed-end investments, please contact us.


Bespoke Asset Investments for Clients

Individual clients or client groups may have particular investment strategies in mind, where the German property market is
the target. Augusta matches client strategies with appropriate investments into Germany and provides the necessary
ancillary expertise to structure, finance and manage the investment to exit.