Sustainable Asset Management Service in Germany

Augusta can lead you to on- and off-market investment opportunities in Germany, together with the means to acquire and manage them.  With years of asset management experience in Germany, Augusta can guide you through the purchase process of your own asset, providing as much or as little direct involvement as you require.

Sourcing the right asset

Augusta's Asset Management database of German commercial and retail properties is extensive.  We receive and filter hundreds of property offers a month in commercial German real estate, from a wide network of local agents. If you would like more information on any of Augusta's properties or would like to register more specific interest in a German asset, please fill in our short form in the Contact Us section.

Thorough due diligence

Augusta can carry out in-depth analysis of the assets under negotiation and their performance. We have the experience in Germany to tell a sound investment proposition from a potential financial drain.

German legal & administrative support

Our experience of the legal and administrative process with agents, notaries, solicitors and local authorities is extensive. Augusta can help you save time, effort and money to complete a transaction.

Ownership structures

You may wish to consider the means by which you invest into German property, taking advantage of the best taxation and structuring position for you. Augusta can provide initial advice on the options and introduce you to taxation and setup specialists for final professional opinions.

Hands-on property management

Under the principle of “sustainable asset management”, Augusta can manage your property for you.   Via our subsidiary in Germany, we can look after both the operational duties (rent collection, maintenance, tenant management, lease issues) and the strategic work needed to maximise the growth of your investment.  With €100m of assets transacted, Augusta knows the optimal layouts, tenancy profiles, lease terms and exit strategies to create realistic investment returns.

Commercial Letting

Allow us to let your vacant space in Germany. We can:

  •  research potential tenants,
  • find the best fit for the location and space
  • verify credit worthiness and covenant
  • agree a landlord-friendly lease
  • maximise the potential for a long tenant relationship


Augusta can advise you when the time is right to sell your assets, find a buyer and negotiate the best outcome.