Augusta Asset Management Portfolio

To date, Augusta has brought a series of 12 investment vehicles to the Irish market. Augusta has a long heritage of asset-backed, sustainable investments. This began with its founder Declan Kennedy and his development of the model in the forestry sector.

Whether you want to beat low bank deposit rates or grow a nest egg for the future, Augusta has an investment for you. Augusta is Fund Manager for a new open-ended investment – The DeutschInvest Fund – which features a targeted annual income of 5% plus capital growth. As an unregulated Fund, it is offered strictly on a private placement basis and access to the DeutschInvest Fund is limited. To be eligible to receive further fund information, interested clients must first register with Augusta, by completing the contact form.


Our existing investments can be separated into two types:

Capital Growth

Capital growth investments are made in assets with growth potential. Rather than place our reliance on the vagaries of the markets, Augusta prefers to invest in assets that have scope for capital growth within them. Once the maximum value has been built up within the assets themselves and the exit date reached, the company holding the assets is place on the market for sale. Any and all profits from the transaction are returned to investors.

With the acquisition of assets come necessary costs. These must be absorbed over the life of the investment. The asset managers also need time to unlock the potential within the assets. For those reasons, the investment term is typically several years. Exit during the hold period is generally not feasible. Investors participate knowing their principal must stay working within the investment for the projected term.

Our Capital Growth funds include:

The First UK Commercial Property Fund The Third Augusta Syndicate
The Second UK Commercial Property Fund The Fourth Augusta Syndicate
  The Fifth Augusta Syndicate
  The Sixth Augusta Syndicate
  The Seventh Augusta Syndicate

Income plus capital growth

These investments target a return to investors as soon as there are accumulated funds to do so. These returns continue at pre-determined intervals. The return is typically well in excess of term deposit rates. An Augusta income-producing investment must have sufficient funds to exceed by a significant margin the total returns payable at any time. A high DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) is fundamental to Augusta’s model.

The assets acquired should experience some net capital growth over the investment term. This growth may not be as marked as that with a pure capital growth investment. This is because some of the asset value is being withdrawn when investor returns are being made. In addition, Augusta generally targets asset of an extremely secure nature with very low default risk contracts, to place additional security around the income-generation.

Augusta Property Services consistently innovate and evolve our investments to keep you up to date with economic, market, tax and financial conditions.

Our Income Generation funds include:


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