The Augusta Promitor Investment Syndicate in Kassel, Germany

Company information:

Company incorporation date: June 2008
Investment term: 5
Bondholders Projected exit date: Q1 2013
Minimum investment: €100,000 of bonds
Investment rationale: Income generation and capital growth
Projected return: 6% per annum payable for 5 years, with a balloon payment of 15% at exit

This fund has exited.


34123 Kassel, Falderbaumstrasse 41

The property consists of four buildings which have been constructed in two stages (1992/1993 and 1999). The main building is a classic office building with 5 floors. The property is located in Wildau, one of the boroughs in the south of Kassel, at a distance of approx. 6 km from the center.

Property Location

  • Kassel-Wildau is the largest commercial and industrial location in North-Hesse.
  • The big advantages of the property are its good visibility and the good connection to the A7 and the A49.
  • Branches and subsidiaries of DHL, IKEA, Bosch and Hornbach are located there.


  • The city of Kassel is the “Oberzentrum” (i.e. serving the adjoining municipalities with high-order commodities and services as well as with middle- and low-order goods) of the economic region North-Hesse.
  • An excellent investment location in the center of Germany at the point of intersection of the most important main traffic arteries (A49/A44), of the railway network of the Deutsche Bahn and the airport Kassel-Calden.
  • Well known enterprises, as e.g. VW, Bombardier, Daimler, Eurocopter, Hübner and many others have chosen the economic region of Kassel due to its centrality.
  • The Industry Park Kassel and the Technology Park Marbachshöhe are well-known nationwide.
  • Also the university of Kassel and other well known innovative and research institutes are located in Kassel and provide for the formation of excellent experts.

Lettable area: 8.032m²


The FIDUCIA Group is the main anchor tenant. The FIDUCIA Group is one of the leading IT service providers in Germany. Fiducia serves the banking and financial services sectors with software, IT services and consultancy.

34123 Kassel, Falderbaumstrasse 41