The Seventh Augusta Syndicate - Investment in Munich Germany

Company information:

Company incorporation date: November 2007
Investment term: Medium term
Minimum Investment: €50,000 (Closed for Investment)
Investment rationale: Capital growth

This fund has exited.

Münchner Straße 18, Unterföhring, Munich, Germany

Münchner Straße 18 is a modern office development with over two interconnected blocks, a two level east and a four level west. Fully renovated in 2001, the development was upgraded in keeping with the popularity of the district as a location for IT and media companies.

Property Location

  • Located to the North-East of the city centre beside the famous English gardens
  • Local Employers: Siemens, BMW, Allianz, Munich Re, Microsoft


  • 1,300,000 population in Munich City
  • Economically, Munich ranks as Germany’s top city
  • Employment Climate: 5.6% Unemployment rate versus 7.9% in Germany
  • Income per Employee: €38,804—2nd highest in Germany
  • GNP contribution per Capita: €53,005—5th highest in the country

Lettable area: 2,996m²


This property is partially let currently to a business offering short-term rental of office and accommodation space.  We are under negotiation for the rental of the remaining space.  Planning permission exists for the addition of another 470m² level to the east block.

Münchner Straße 18, Unterföhring, Munich, Germany